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Modular Kitchen in Coimbatore

Are you searching for the leading Modular Kitchen Interiors in Coimbatore? Well, choose Anjaneya Interiors and Furniture, best Modular Kitchen in Coimbatore. Modular kitchens from Anjaneya blend progressive functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, and practicality tailored to your cooking habits and lifestyles. Our designers conceptualize and actualize highly personalized kitchens around your family's daily routines, storage needs, kitchen workflow, and design tastes.

We initiate the design process by understanding how you use your current kitchen through detailed consultations. Valuable inputs on cooking habits, appliances used, storage shortcomings, space crunch issues, preferred workflow patterns, and aesthetics are noted.

Our team then designs multiple 2D and 3D layouts on advanced software customized for your kitchen space with different configurations. Feedback from you is incorporated to create the final layout plan.

Optimal placement of all elements is ensured, keeping in mind good workflow - adequate continuous counter space for food preparation tasks, sink, fridge, and dishwasher placement in easily accessible zones. Hob and oven are thoughtfully placed on continuous counters for convenience while cooking. Specialized pull-out racks, drawers, carousels, and spice organizers allow efficient use of every inch of storage space. Customized cabinets, shelves, and units are meticulously planned for awkward corners or angled spaces often left unused.

Durable, high-quality finishes are chosen that can withstand water spills, heat damage, stains, and wear/tear through years of rigorous usage. We assist in selecting suitable hardware, accessories, and kitchen appliances based on your preferences, habits, and budget. Chimneys, LED lighting, and electrical points are all pre-planned to global standards for smooth functioning. Our team oversees end-to-end execution, from demolitions to the final setup of your personalized modular kitchen.

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